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PostSubject: CREATING A CAT GUIDE   Sun Mar 27, 2016 4:33 am

Of course you're gonna need a character to roleplay with! Here are the basic guidelines:

Fur Color
Cats don't have purple fur and that is that. Please don't make your cat's coat and unrealistic color. This is a semi-realistic RP. What colors are allowed are different variations of black, gray, brown, ginger, gold, white, and of course different patterns as long as they're not too over the top.

Eyes Color
Once again, this is a semi-realistic roleplay so that means no red or purple eyes (or any color that is super bright/unrealistic). Different variations of grey, blue, green, soft golf, soft yellow, brown, and yes, it's okay if one is green and the other blue (or green and yellow/ blue and yellow).

For the personality, don't make a mary-sue (a character that is perfect with minor flaws). To avoid this, we require you to have at least three flaws and at least three strengths (for both, 7 is the maximum). Be creative and don't copy anyone. Also, when RPing, stay in character and keep in mind that this your character reacting to things.

Next is appearance. Don't make them completely handsome or beautiful. They need to have a few flaws here and there (one ear is bigger than the other, matted fur, etc.), plus, warriors are wild cats, so they aren't going to be extremely well groomed. One more thing, try not to have their looks completely based on their personality (a slim, introverted black she-cat with piercing green eyes).

Now, personally, I feel that the history sometimes gets in the way, so the history section is not required. Try not to cliche it too much, like the parents died tragically. Copying is not fun so please don't.

Creation Template (Forms with asterisks are not required):
Cat Name:








Secret Password:
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