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Welcome to Meow! (Please check out the rules before anything)
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:07 am

Welcome to Meow Warriors Roleplay! Here are the roles for role-playing and all that jazz. If you do disobey the punishments are (with exceptions):
1st time: Warning
2nd: Lose chat permissions
3rd: Ban (Ban may be temporary)

Roleplay Rules
1. No sexual content. And we mean none.
2. Don't swear. Please just use the warriors swearing (foxdung, etc.)
3. No godmodding or powerplaying. It's just not fun for anyone.
4. Ask the other RP'er if it's okay to kill or injure the other's cat(s).
5. Just be nice and follow the plot.

Profile Rules
1. Again, no swearing.
2. No sexual content
3. Don't say anything that could be hurtful to others
4. Once again, be nice  Wink  

So basically, most of this is common sense and we really hope you follow the rules.

PS. The super secret password for the Cat Creator is "this is a bad password"
-Maticjelly  bounce
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General Rules
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